Zakaat and Awqaaf Amana Foundation distributed ₦12M to 150 vulnerable and less privileged people in Nigeria

Zakaat and Awqaaf Amana Foundation distributed ₦12M to 150 vulnerable and less privileged people in Nigeria

Zakaat and Awqaaf Amana Foundation (ZAAF), a non-governmental Islamic Foundation disbursed N12 million worth of assets and cash to 150 beneficiaries in her 2022 Zakat Disbursement Programme held at TSPC Schools, Toll Gate, Ibadan on Sunday, 28th August, 2022.

According to ZAAF Executive Secretary, Alhaji Nurudeen Yekeen, the materials distributed include: generating set, sewing machines, electric sewing machine, shoe making machine, electrical support materials, foodstuffs, phone engineering equipment, medicine stores drugs and cash gifts. The distribution exercise mostly catered for economic empowerment, educational support, health support and debt settlements.
2022 Zakat Disbursement Programme
In his speech, the Foundation’s National Chairman, Shaykh Murtado AbdulGhaffar commended all Zakat payers. He made it known that the foundation will not deviate from Islamic ethics of Zakat disbursement. He urged the wealthy and well to do Muslims who have not been paying Zakat to start paying it as it is one of the five fundamental pillars upon which Islam is built. He then urged the beneficiaries to judiciously utilise the Zakat given with fear of Allah as they too can start paying Zakat in the nearest future.
Delivering thought-provoking and spiritually transforming lecture at the event, Ustādh Rasheed Haashim in a lecture titled: “Zakat as a Tool for Poverty Alleviation” explained that apart from the fact that Zakat purifies the payer’s wealth and makes Allah to bless their sources of income more, another important significance of Zakat is that it alleviates poverty in any society where it is being paid and distributed with fear of Allah. He advised the beneficiaries to move away from living fake and luxurious life.
In his remark, ZAAF Executive Secretary, Alhaji Nurudeen Yekeen highlighted activities of Zakaat and Awqaaf Amana Foundation which include: Zakat assessment, Zakat collection, Zakat distribution, Waqf (endowment) management, Ramadan Welfare Package, Idul-Adha Welfare Relief, educational support, health support to mention but few. He appealed to the rich to contribute their own quota to the actualisation of the foundation’s numerous charitable programmes.

The recipients who were extremely joyous appreciated the donors and organisers of the event for deeming them fit for the Zakat out of numerous applications received. They supplicated to Allah to enrich the pocket of the donors and continue elevating the status of the foundation.

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