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It is compulsory payments by the rich to the designated authority which in turn are distributed to the poor, needy, wayfarers and other less privileged Muslims from their properties that have reached ‘nisab’ (an amount on which zakat is payable) and have clocked ‘hawl’ (a period of a year from the time of first zakat). It is 2.5% from one’s money.
With our long years of experience in zakat fund administration, we don’t only help you to evaluate and accurately calculate payable zakat due with ease, we equally identify and distribute it to the right beneficiaries without bias/prejudice.


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Donation Total: ₦ 5,000.00


Is a voluntary and non obligatory charity given to the poor. It has no fixed rate. It is being paid by both the rich and anyone one that could afford given it.
We accept lumpsome amount for sadaqah and help to invest it in welfarism and humanitarian gestures beneficial to all and sundaries.

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Donation Total: ₦ 1,000.00


This is the feeding or payment for the meals of the poor but fasting muslims in lieu of missing days of fasting for self or relatives.
Our Fidyah package has in past years fed thousands of poor but fasting muslims from monies paid into our Fidyah fund from a pull of fidyah subscribers. Let’s help you reaped immeasurable reward, subscribe now!


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Donation Total: ₦ 2,500.00


This is a special endowment fund or project that yields perpetual reward for the donors.
We have a track record of efficient management of waqf with probity so contact us now if you desire to earn streams of divine rewards.

Appeal Fund:

This is an occasional request for donations for particular cases such as: illness, surgery, auto accident, pandemic among others.
If you are bless with the heart of giving why not register with us to be contacted when the need arises to raise money to help humanity.

Donation for Widows and Orphans:

The foundation collect donations for the welfare of widows and orphans. Education of the orphans is our priority. We welcome your generous donations to wipe their sorrows and provide a life worthy of living for these helpless members of our society.

Donation for Aged people:

This is special donations used to support aged Muslims who can no longer work to earn a living or have medical problems.
With your free donations, together we can provide a life support for our sage!

Iftar Sa’im:

Is the provision of foodstuffs or meals for fasting Muslims. The foundation mobilizes fund from donors to buy of foodstuffs in bulk for distribution or organize large cooking of meals to feed muslims at our various chapters and outlets.
Donate to aid this noble and divinely rewardable course.

Projects Sponsorship:

This entails sponsoring of lawful and highly rewarding projects like: modern schools, madrasat, purchase of motors for da’wah, skill acquisition and entrepreneurial centres among others. Your donations can create wealth and livelihood for someone out there, don’t hesitate!

Sadaqatun Jariyah:

This is a charity with continuous and eternal reward. It includes sinking of boreholes, digging of well, building of mosques, purchase of generator for mosques, tree planting to mention but few.
if you desire to earn unending divine rewards then the time is now to buy into our Sadaqatun Jariyah.