Our Services

Our Services

Zakat Assessment, Collection & Distribution:

We operate a tranparent zakat scheme managed by dedicated team of trained zakat assessors, seasoned scholars and user friendly collectors making your zakat payment seamless, simple and reliable.

The Foundation maintains a robust database of beneficiaries, disbursement records and zakat/ waqful project documentation easily accessible on request.

What’s more! Our customer care line is 24/7 operational and also digitally accessible via our social media platforms including WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter handle, Website etc.

Economic support:

The foundation prides itself in empowering the needy, the vulnerables and the less privileged on their basic needs of livelihood as well as the financially disadvantaged muslim entrepreneurs through distribution of zakaat for their economic sustainability. It equally grants an interest free investment funds and capital equipment to assist the artisans and the small scale businesses thus, boosting the wealth base of the Ummah.

Education Support:

The foundation’s strategic educational support is geared towards assisting the brilliant but indigent students to achieve their desired educational and career excellence through sponsorship, grants, scholarship, awards, tuition fees, school fees, examination and other educational incentives. By this, we build more the scholarship base of the Ummah.

Welfare Support:

We distribute a large chunks of Zakaat and Sadaqaat realised on the welfare of the needy, the orphans, the widows, the wayfarers, people with plight of mishaps, and those faced with human & natural disasters through provision of relief packages. Internally displaced people are not left out in our welfare scheme.

Medical Support:

Placing priority on the healthcare of the Ummah is core in our scheme. Our foundation renders medical assistance by paying for drugs, medical bills, surgical operation bills and other medical treatments from whatever realised. We sometimes solicit specifically to foot some high medical bills and special surgical operation.

Widows and orphans’ support:

Widows and Orphan’s support is another vertable service window through which we put smiles on the faces of vunerable widows and orphans by providing them with needed financial and moral support to live a happy life after the sorrow of losing their benefactors/loved ones.

Waqf (Endowments):

We are Endowment administrators with track records of successfully managing pet projects donated to humanity such as schools, masjid, buildings etc to the delight of the owners / deeased families.

Support to Muslims Organizations:

Team spirit and collective responsibility are the two principles that guides our collaborative efforts with others Muslim organizations in the area of providing funds from zakat collection on poverty alleviation, donation of emergency relief materials in response to national disasters and palliative measures to cushion the of other national emergencies.